NISA Nation Announces Affiliation with the Metroplex Premier League

Published Oct 18, 2023

LA MIRADA, CA (October 18, 2023) – NISA Nation is proud to announce full league affiliation status for the Metroplex Premier League.

The preeminent men's amateur soccer league in North Texas, the Metroplex Premier League has the stated ambition to create amateur-to-professional pathways for players and clubs.

"The Metroplex Premier League's structure, standards and level of competition is second-to-none in North Texas and we are excited for the future," NISA Nation Director Matt Morse said. "With the improved affiliation process, our regional premier league affiliates share in NISA Nation's vision to work alongside each other for the growth of the game. The future for the Metroplex Premier League is bright, and we look forward to offering their players and clubs NISA's professional pathway."

The Metroplex Premier League attracts the top amateur talent in the North Texas market, one of the the great hotbeds of the game in the United States.

"Partnering with NISA and NISA Nation gives leagues and clubs the opportunity to look to the future and plan for growth," Metroplex Premier League President Jorge Echeverria said. "If clubs in North Texas really aspire to grow their brands and organizations into professionally-managed clubs, the Metroplex-to-NISA Nation connection is the best way to help achieve that goal. NISA Nation is the pinnacle of amateur soccer, and having that pathway to NISA give the players the opportunity to dream."

In addition to year-round league play, all Metroplex Premier League teams are eligible to compete in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup qualifying rounds and now have access to the NISA Independent Cup.

The Metroplex Premier League is affiliated with USSSA and U.S. Soccer, and has a working partnership with the Gulf Coast Premier League.